Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Solano Benitez / Gabinete de Arquitectura - Unilever Offices, Asunción, Paraguay

"Solano Benitez wins Swiss Architectural Award

The international biannual prize run by Swiss banking company BSI, is for architects under 50 "who have contributed significantly to contemporary architectural culture, showing a particular sensitivity to the context of landscape and environment".

Benitez presented three works for the competition: a tomb at Priribebuy, the Unilever office at Villa Elisa and the 2006 Abu & Font house in Asunción.

The jury, which voted unanimously for Benitez, was chaired by Mario Botta, and also included architects Emilio Ambasz and Zhi Wenjun; director of the Mendrisio Academy of architecture Valentin Bearth; and former chairman of the Venice Biennale Foundation Davide Croff.

Botta said: "This architectural research by Solano Benitez, carried out in a difficult politico-economic context, with clear logistical problems and far from the manufacturing processes dictated by globalisation, was of a remarkable quality. The poverty of the materials used is inversely proportional to the emotions that the architect conveys" from: bdonline.co.uk

/// click to SEE and DOWNLOAD the pdf / Solano Benitez / Gabinete de Arquitectura - Unilever Offices

Overall view, showing new and old buildings from the green roof

Perspective of the corridor with the inclined glasses on left

Detail of the brick skin as an animal´s skeleton

View of the existing roof and the brick structure in the background

View of the access ramp between brick skin and building