Monday, August 31, 2009


Frank Gehry - Vitra Design Museum and Furniture Factory, Weil am Rhein, Germany (1989)

Today we start a reportage about Vitra and its original buildings, showing on next posts the classical buildings and the work in progress of the new ones.

"Over the years, Vitra accumulated a growing collection of chairs and other furniture. With the aim of making the collection accessible to the public, a shed-like structure was initially envisioned for storage and exhibition purposes. Yet during the planning of Frank Gehry’s first building in Europe, the original function was expanded. A museum was established as an independent foundation dedicated to the research and popularization of design and architecture: the Vitra Design Museum. The factory hall to the rear corresponds in size and height to the adjacent building by Nicholas Grimshaw. The construction is characterized by clarity and spacious windows. Ramps and towers constitute a formal link with the museum building. Along with the production areas, the building also houses a showroom, the test laboratory, the cafeteria and offices.
The gatehouse at the entrance to the grounds contains the reception, the Vitra Design Museum shop and a multi-purpose room."

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View of the access and its eave pointing northwest

Detail of the exhibition hall with Fernando & Humberto Campana ´s works on it

View of the exhibition hall with the skylight in the corner. The exhibition shows Fernando & Humberto Campana ´s works

Southeast façade

Southwest façade