Thursday, September 3, 2009


Alvaro Siza - Vitra Factory Hall, Weil am Rhein, Germany (1994)

Following in Vitra complex, now is time of seeing Alvaro Siza´s building, a simple box made of bricks, with a carefully use of perforations.

"Reminiscent of anonymous nineteenth century factory architecture, the large simple structure by Alvaro Siza concedes to the needs of the other buildings on the grounds. This is most evident in the arched bridge-like roof construction connecting the hall with the adjacent building: Its raised position maintains an unobstructed view of the Fire Station by Zaha Hadid and automatically descends when it rains to provide a sheltered passage to the Grimshaw building."

Overall view from east

View of the brick volume of the factory from Vitra Fire Station

Zaha Hadid´s fire station on left and Factory Hall on right

View of the covered entrance pointing northeast

Partial view of the southeast façade with the entrance and its roof on right