Friday, September 11, 2009


Lussi + Halter Architekten - Dreilinden School Propsteimatte, Luzern, Switzerland

Today we start presenting Lussi + Halter complete works, visiting Luzern and Basel.

"The sculptural and ambiguous concrete volume, with breaks in several places, in the middle of the new terraced garden, naturally and confidently enhances the multi-layered, coherent ensemble that includes the manor church, the rooms for the Cathedral Dean, the seminary, and the existing vocational school for commerce. The geometrically aligned terraced garden is perceived as a typical structural element, intended for public use; a continuation of the cemetery park and an urban space that links the compact city centre to the loosely arranged, topographically turbulent suburb, serving as an intermediary between architectural interior and exterior. The new three-dimensionality generated by the topography, with which the level of the differently treated concrete surfaces has been raised, timelessly and congenially supplements the magical location that is steeped in history. Mysterious-looking from the outside, the closed shape on the interior houses a rich variety of rooms. By means of a geometrically versatile spatial layering, an unhindered view is provided of the centrally organised, stacked, beautiful gymnasiums and of the immediate and more distant surroundings. The same spatial layer gives the spiral downward movement a special quality, differentiating and staging the direction of light. While the lines of sight and light in the school storeys provide a stunning view into the distance, the classrooms also provide a pleasant view of the court church and the existing school building. The Dreilinden school building Propsteimatte Lucerne is a poetic building that creates an intimate interior atmosphere while at the same time opening up towards the city. It develops an innovative series of rooms and routes that enable an unusually dense and versatile reading of the location"
Rolf Mühlethaler

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Aerial view of the school building with Luzern city in the background

View of the little entrance in the lower side of the plot

View of the lower level corridor with the big void on top

View of the open corridor surrounding the gymnasium space

View of the ramp to the gymnasium and the computer´s room on right