Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Lussi + Halter Architekten - Fischer House and Studio, Rothenburg, Switzerland

Take a look on this concrete house also designed by Thomas Lussi and Remo Halter following our Swiss selection

"At first, the appearance of the building is misleading. There are no airs and graces here. Instead, a protruding outside space has been added, as wide as a house, which also serves as a canopy. This volumetric gesture on the entrance side and the slightly conical tapering still give the immaculately cut building volume, which makes use of the whole site, a light appearance. The building has been given an attractive touch of elegance by opening it up to the side with the view. In the building entrance, there is a hint of all the architectural themes that have been developed in the building interior and that give the building its atmosphere and charm. In the entrance, the visitor already senses the ingenious combination of the cleverly reduced themes: ramps and stairs, joints and frames, views and reverse movements – and in particular: the multiplication of the «coloured» nuances in a radically reduced spectrum. Everything that can be seen in the entrance hall is illuminated by the light entering at the back of the room. Raw or smooth, dull or reflecting surfaces, wide or narrow, with upward or downward views: there, where the daylight is lost the further one moves away from the entrance, an almost never-ending repertoire of the most subtle grey tones is created. Every edge, every discontinuation of the right angle creates new nuances. A ramp leads from the entrance into the studio. Just as the window slit along the ceiling emphasises the downward direction of the space, the illuminated line of joints, which separates the steps leading upwards from the wall, emphasises the upward movement. However, the differently designed joints are only an architectural verbalisation of spatial connections. And there are more: The elements that are linked in the foyer. Almost the whole surface of the living space is directly confronted with the outside space in front of it. The windows open inwards, letting in a surplus of daylight, and the large glass panels provide selected views of the environment. The frame is an important part of the viewing window. On the storey that houses the living quarters, the frames play a double role: on the interior, the dark, subtle frames and on the outside the wide, light grey ones. Wonderful views and perspectives, contrived using a two-fold movement – moveable and moving objects that interact with the direction and movement of the visitors!" text by Elisabeth Blum

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West façade at night

Overall view of the studio in the ground floor with the entrance in the background

View of the living and dinning room with the kitchen in the background and the staircase on right

Night view of the balcony partially closed by concrete beams

South façade at night