Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Lussi + Halter Architekten - Diebold-Schilling Multi-family House, Luzern, Switzerland

A little housing project designed by Thomas Lussi and Remo Halter. Find more images and a critic text clicking on the image.

The multi-family house resulted from a study contract awarded by the Lucerne Pension Fund. The task set by the competition was to create a reliable means of investment that would generate high profit. The architects made optimum use of the stipulations in the building regulations and in addition offered a complex solution in terms of concept and space. The symmetrical typology that is typical of the semi-detached house is disrupted by situating the 4.5-roomed house in the south on a higher level than the 3.5-roomed house in the north. The outdoor seating area on the west side also provides an attractive view of the Museggmauer (Musegg Wall). The chamber-like sleeping tract faces the direction of the rising sun, and the kitchen-, dining-, and living area does not simply drop off into nothing but is instead framed by the outer wall and a panorama window; the adjustable room divider with its ceilinghigh glazing and closed panels serves as a thermal limitation to the area, defining the intimate loggia. In the cross-section, the terraced levels make clever use of the maximum building height, creating an additional apartment on the plinth. The classical division into a plinth and a central section on the interior has been cunningly avoided by spatially interlocking the two with a two-storey entrance hall. The attic storey is integrated
into the main volume by means of a tiled roof that is flush with the façade on three sides and is the same colour on the front side. The simple, applied materials have been given an elegant finish: the fir wood facing has been given a tinted coat, smoked oak has been used for the industrial wood floor, and pit lime for the plasterwork. The colours that are produced range from white to zabaione to brown, creating an elegant cosiness and a southern flair. Overall, the building in the Diebold-Schilling-Strasse 22 proves that opinion wins over lies, and good architecture is not
bound by building laws and commercial guidelines. In terms of added value that goes beyond the simple, purely utilitarian solution, the programme has been implemented intelligently, the potency of the location is increased and a humane cosiness created. text by Christian Hönger

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Overall view from southwest

Perspective of the balcony closed by wooden blinds

View of the bedroom and its little balcony on right

Back view of the building pointing north

Lateral façade showing the inclined plot pointing southwest