Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Lussi + Halter Architekten - Home for the Mentally Handicapped Eichwaldli, Luzern, Switzerland

Another accurate and nice project from Lussi + Halter profile

"The area surrounding the new residential building for disabled people is characterised on one side of the street by small freestanding volumes and on the other side by large wooden buildings. While the height of the building and the materials used are very similar to those in the surrounding area, the form and design of the facade has its own unique style, thus creating an autonomous building with a strong appeal. The public spaces such as the cafeterias, studio- and occupational therapy rooms are located on the ground floor and are directly linked to the carefully designed outdoor space, while the residential groups are divided up among the two upper storeys. All of the access areas have a high level of spatial quality, are well-lit, and provide good views of the surrounding residential buildings. The corridor in front of the rooms forms an attractive area of transition between the access areas and the living quarters and guarantees the residents a zone of privacy. The rooms are large and can be furnished in different ways. Half of them have the advantage of views in both directions. A dark red floor, yellowy-white walls, and oak fitted furniture create an environment that meets the individual needs of the residents. The special geometry of the interior, the appropriate selection of materials and the expressive design of the wooden facade give the building a playful lightness and an idiosyncratic character with a high architectural quality. And – a very important factor for this specific group of users – the architects have also succeeded in designing a building that the residents can identify with" text by Andi Scheitlin

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Perspective of the street façade with the parking in the background

Perspective of the street façade pointing south

View of the exterior space and the cafeteria in the south side of the building

Overall view from southeast showing the subtle shape