Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Pedrita + Frederico Duarte - Timeless (Experimenta Design), Lisbon, Portugal

Until november 8th you can visit Timeless, less is better, at the Museu do Oriente (see post bellow). By the way, to know more about Pedrita´s work visit and for Frederico Duarte´s work visit

"Less will no doubt be the keyword for 2009. But ‘less’ can become an enlightening value instead of a restrictive fact. How can less be better? Can we redesign greed? Much has been said about the necessity to fight overconsumption, save resources, energy, the environment. It is now time to put these urgent insights into practice and develop solutions to achieve a ‘positive less’. EXD rallied a group of countries and their creative communities to answer this challenge. The result is an experimental exhibition proposing new ideas, concepts and strategies addressing the motto ‘Less is Better’. Material and immaterial, these artefacts for the 21st century should require less resources, less complex production systems and use easier forms of distribution. We hope they are timeless"