Sunday, October 11, 2009


Petra Blaisse + OMA - Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal

Petra Blaisse designed the exterior space of Casa da Música, the curved pavement that gives support to the big concrete building, as well as some interiors.

Detail of the curved plaza and its holes used as seats

Concert hall mezzanine through the winding glass wall

Overall view of the main music hall

Little foyer with the main concert hall in the background through the winding glass wall

Inside Outside book, shows Petra Blaisse works in the field of Landscape and Interior Design, with several images by Leoanrdo Finotti.

"Internationally recognized as one of today's most important and pioneering landscape and interior designers, the Dutch designer Petra Blaisse continues to define new and increasingly ambitious roles for landscape and interior design. In contrast to architecture's static and immutable severity she devises flexible and flowing solutions that interconnect interior and exterior. Her designs are often poetic and colourful, but they consistently provide astute and elegant solutions to complex technical problems" from