Monday, November 2, 2009

One year has passed since we started editing this blog. Our aim was, first of all, to show our recent work, in an orderly way, following an editorial plan as you can see every week. In addition, to open our portfolio to the public, and regain previous interesting works.

After one year we truly think this was a worthy work, and would be great if this blog could be today a reference to the architectural world. We really hope it.

On this post we select one image per week, we called it the key image, representing a key project, which gives meaning to the order of the week.
You can see each reportage clicking on each image, as well as follow the red links to different profiles. Enjoy it!

week 01

EDP FOUNDATION - Electricity Museum - 100 works 100 years 100 photos, Lisbon, Portugal by Leonardo Finotti

week 02

Guilherme Machado Vaz - Custóias Civic Center, Matosinhos, Portugal
Second week, first steps on this blog, with a selection of good Portuguese projects by Guilherme Machado Vaz, Inês Lobo Arquitectos and Ricardo Bak Gordon

week 03

Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez - Inhotim Contemporary Art Center - Adriana Varejão Pavilion, Brumardinho MG, Brazil
In the beginning the posts were more varied, this one contained different kind of projects in Brazil

week 04

Eduardo Oliveira Rosa - Interior House, São Pedro BR, Brazil
A selection of houses in Brazil was the theme of this fourth week.

week 05

Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Leme´s House, São Paulo SP, Brazil
First key image by Mendes da Rocha, this concrete house for Eduardo Leme.

week 06

Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Brennand Chapel, Recife PE, Brazil
Second key image from Paulo Mendes da Rocha´s work, leading a mixed selection.

week 07

Inês Lobo Arquitectos + Ventura Trindade Arquitectos - Finearts and Architecture College of Évora, Portugal
Inês Lobo Arquitectos was the theme of this week.

week 08

Rafael Iglesia - Altamira Building, Rosario, Argentina
This week was dedicated to Rafael Iglesia´s original work

week 09

Bertolino+Barrado Oficina de Arquitectura - El 44 - Farm Pavilion, Capilla del Monte, Córdoba Argentina
A special week with Argentina´s projects in Cordoba and Rosario.

week 10

AFRA + LGR + TRAMA - Juan Domingo Perón´s Mausoleum and tribute park, San Vicente, Argentina
The week number 10 was entirely dedicated to Argentina and its contemporary architecture.

week 11

Aires Mateus Architects - Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum, Cascais, Portugal
Closing this week, that followed the Argentinian posts, we selected a couple of projects in Portugal

Saturday Section - Niemeyer´s Project #1
Starting this week, and every Saturday from this day on, we have presented a project designed by Oscar Niemeyer, showing our big profile with more than 200 projects.

Sunday Section - Aerial View #1
Parallel to the Saturday Section we created this one, showing aerial views, covering projects, landscapes and cities. As you can see this incredible photo in a ballon in Cappadocia.

week 12

Fernando Maculan + Pedro Morais - PL House, Nova Lima MG, Brazil
This week we presented a selection of buildings located in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

week 13

Isay Weinfeld - Livraria da Vila/ Lorena, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Three projects by Isay Weinfeld were shown this week, besides a couple of news about the Mies van der Rohe Prize

week 14

Triptyque - Harmonia 57, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Another week with projects in São Paulo, leaded by this impressive building by Triptyque

week 15

Paulo David + Global Arquitectura Paisagista - São Vicente Caves, Madeira, Portugal
Fifteen week shows projects in Portugal, three of them by Atelier Bugio

week 16

Alvaro Siza - CMD Sur, Rosario, Argentina
This pretty unknown building designed by Siza in Argentina was the key of this week

week 17

Cecil Balmond - Pedro and Inês Footbridge, Coimbra, Portugal
Following a selections of nice bridges we selected this one, by Cecil Balmond as a link to another week in Portugal

week 18

David Adjaye - "Sclera" Size + Matter Pavilion, London, UK
Several projects in São Paulo, and for Friday this stunning pavilion for the London Design Festival 2008

week 19

Oscar Niemeyer - Strick House, Santa Monica CA, USA
Leonardo traveled to Santa Monica to shot this Niemeyer´s house, refurbished by Michael Boyd. Besides other works, he met with the great Julius Shulman.

week 20

Guggenheim Museum - Frank Lloyd Wright, New York NY, USA
The 20th week was dedicated to North America, three projects in New York and a couple in Toronto. This key project, the Frank Lloyd Wright´s Guggenheim showed on its 50th anniversary.

week 21

Arthur Casas - Jack Vartanian Store, New York NY, USA
This whole week was dedicated to Arthur Casas´ works, in New York and São Paulo.

week 22

Lucio Costa - TV Tower, Brasilia DF, Brazil
As a Brasilia´s cornerstone this Tower presented projects by João Filgueiras Lima (Lelé), besides a couple of contemporary buildings, all in Brasilia.

week 23

Pier Luigi Nervi - Italian Embassy, Brasilia DF, Brazil
This concrete modern project was the key to this week, also in Brasilia. Take a look on this related post about L´ambaciata de Italia a Brasilia, published by Electa.

week 24

Ivo Mareines + Rafael Patalano - MOPI Primary School, Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil
Five buildings in Rio de Janeiro leaded by this new school by Mareines + Patalano

week 25

Ruy Ohtake - Tomie Ohtake´s House, São Paulo SP, Brazil
This week all posts were dedicated to houses in São Paulo, three by Isay Weinfeld and two by Ruy Ohtake, as this modern house for Tomie Ohtake

week 26

Paulo Mendes da Rocha + Eduardo Colonelli - Pinacoteca do Estado Museum, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Tomie Ohtake Cultural Center linked with the previous selection as well as the following, cultural projects by Paulo Mendes da Rocha

week 27

Johnston Marklee + Diego Arraigada - View House, Rosario, Argentina
Besides this stunning house this week were shown some others images from Argentina and a couple of projects in Uberlândia MG, in Brazil

week 28

Menos é Mais - INAPAL Plastics, Palmela, Portugal
This week was shared between Portuguese projects and Lina Bo Bardi´s works.

Remember you can see the principal reportage clicking on the image

week 29

Daniel Monteiro - Cromeleque, Monsaraz, Portugal
Landscape design in Portugal was the issue on this week, covering also PROAP´s selected projects

week 30

João Gomes da Silva + Alvaro Siza Vieira - Caxinas Urban Park João Paulo II, Vila do Conde, Portugal
This week´s theme was also about public spaces and landscape design, principally in Portugal, but also in Italy.

week 31

Ricardo Bak Gordon - Praça de Londres Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal
Selection of colorful projects, all in Portugal, leaded by this nice apartment by Ricardo Bak Gordon

week 32

Levisky Arquitetos Associados + Anna Julia Dietzch + Benedito Abbud Arquitetura Paisagista - Victor Cívita Park and Sustainability Museum, São Paulo SP, Brazil
This week we published some projects in São Paulo, as this ecological park and museum.
Also important, the Overlapping exhibition in London at Riba, showing six Portuguese architects.

week 33

Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Patriarca Square, São Paulo SP, Brazil
First week dedicated to Mendes da Rocha´s works, showing many projects in Brazil and one in Spain.

week 34

Paulo Mendes da Rocha + MMBB - Poupatempo Itaquera, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Including the aerial image, this week was all dedicated to Mendes da Rocha´s projects, all located in São Paulo.

week 35

Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena - MUDE Fashion Design Museum, Lisbon, Portugal
Several projects in Portugal were shown this week, with MUDE as the week´s highlight.

week 36

Ternullo Melo Architects - Naval Rocha Atelier, Lisbon, Portugal
A selection of projects in Portugal, with this key project, Naval Rocha Ateliers, where several young artist, architects, designers works in the same space. Is also Leonardo Finotti´s Portuguese studio.

week 37

Solano Benitez / Gabinete de Arquitectura - House in the Countryside, Paraguay
Starting with Experimental School Paraguay - Brazil by Afonso Reidy, a modern project built by the Brazilian architect in Paraguay, we showed more Paraguayan buildings.

week 38

Solano Benitez / Gabinete de Arquitectura - Esmeraldina House, Asunción, Paraguay
This house could represents the original work of this Paraguayan architect. We also showed Javier Corvalan and José Cubilla´s projects, in a week dedicated to Paraguay´s contemporary architecture.

week 39

Oscar Niemeyer - Supreme Federal Court, Brasilia DF, Brazil
Praça dos Três Poderes is the civic plaza in Brasilia where were located Supreme Federal Court, Planalto Palace and National Congress, all designed by Niemeyer

week 40

Thiago Bernardes + Paulo Jacobsen - JZ House, Salvador BA, Brazil
Selected houses designed by Thiago Bernardes and Paulo Jacobsen, all in Brazil. This one, in Salvador, linked with the Rodin Museum, also this week.

week 41

Triptyque - Sonique, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Five restaurants in Brazil and UK were shown this week

week 42

Javier Corvalán / Laboratorio de Arquitectura - Umbráculo House, Asunción, Paraguay
Reuse was the secret word this week, showing two projects by Solano Benitez and two more by Bernardes Jacobsen.

week 43

Oscar Niemeyer - Metropolitan Cathedral, Brasilia DF, Brazil (1958)
The cultural area of Brasilia City has the Cathedral, the National Museum, the National Library, National Theater and the Metropolitan Curia, and that what we wanted to show this week.

week 44

Ricardo Bak Gordon - Barnard House, Quelfes, Portugal
A selection of Portuguese houses was the theme this week.

week 45

Frank Gehry - Vitra Design Museum and Furniture Factory, Weil am Rhein, Germany (1989)
At Vitra Leonardo shot all the complex, new and old projects, highlighting the Design Museum. In addition we shows the work in progress of the new buildings, by SANAA and Herzon & de Meuron

week 46

Franz Fueg - St. Pius Church, Meggen CH (1966)
This week the blog shows some modern building, specially churches, all in Switzerald.

week 47

Lussi + Halter Architekten - Fischer House and Studio, Rothenburg, Switzerland
Week dedicated to this Swiss architects, and we showed a selection of his best works.

week 48

Oscar Niemeyer - Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial, Brasilia DF, Brazil (1980)
Brasilia´s west axis was the theme on this week.

week 49

Isay Weinfeld - Iporanga House, Guarujá SP, Brazil
Houses in São Paulo, showing Bernardes Jacobsen, Domingos Pascali and Gálvez Marton Arquitetura

week 50

Ruy Ohtake - Unique hotel, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Architect Ruy Ohtake´s week.

week 51

SANAA - Serpentine Pavilion 2009, London, UK
With the SANAA´s pavilion in the aim, we showed a couple of Serpentine pavilions, as the one by OMA and Cecil Balmond, before Casa da Musica, and ending the week a house by John Pawson.

week 52

Oscar Niemeyer - Nossa Senhora de Fátima Church, Brasília/DF (1958)
South axis (Asa Sul) of Brasilia.

week 53

Eduardo Souto de Moura - Casa das Histórias Museum, Cascais, Portugal
Four museums, two in Brazil and two in Portugal, with Casa das Historias in the middle of the week, last project completed by Souto de Moura