Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Brasil Arquitetura / Francisco Fanucci - Marcelo Ferraz - Bread Museum (Museu do Pão), Iliópolis RS, Brazil

Refurbishing and old wooden mill and adding a couple of concrete volumes Brasil Arquitetura has built this precise project in the south of Brazil, a museum dedicated to the Bread and a school to bread´s confection.

"The Colognese Mill dates from the beginning of the last century. It was built by an immigrant family coming from the Veneto region in Northern Italy, employing pine wood (Araucária angustifolia) from the surrounding forest. When the miller died at the end of the 1990’s, the mill was abandoned. It fell into decay until the Association of the Friends of the Mills of Alto Taquari was founded in 2004, the old mill and the land was bought and the project for the Ilópolis Mill came into being, aided by sponsorship of Nestlé Brasil. It was first extensively restored (organization by IILA - Istituto Ítalo Latino Americano) and put to work again.
The two new volumes, housing the small Bread Museum and the Confectioners´ School, establish a renewed context for the mill and attest its status as an architectural, technical and cultural document of the past. The old mill served as a serene reference for the new project: its architecture, its materials, its equipments, production, transformation" from

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Exhibition building´s southwest façade showing the little auditorium

Lateral view of the exhibition building

View of the concrete volume of the Confectioners´ School

Northeast façade

Overall view of the bar at the old mill