Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oscar Niemeyer - Strick House, Santa Monica CA, USA

Through BoydDesign´s restoration works, today we can see and enjoy this modern house, designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1964, in Santa Monica CA, USA.
The architect didn´t know the plot when he designed the project, but you can see how he managed to built a house that shows a strong relationship with its context, geographic and historic.
The concept is based on two intercepted volumes: living room, dinning room and studio are located in the main one, higher than the other. This is a glass prism, positioned transversal to the plot, allowing the view to the mountains and the connection between access and backyard and swimming pool.
Bedrooms and private areas are located in the other one, parallel to the access, made of white bricks.
Inside, what strikes you, besides the nice and clean spaces, is Boyd´s collection, hosting modern furniture and art. The whole house is like a live museum; life and design are mixed in a unique object: Strick House.

/// click to SEE and DOWNLOAD the pdf / Oscar Niemeyer - Strick House

View of the living room with the dinning room and kitchen in the background

Living room, the access garden on left and the backyard on right

View of the library hall

Chairs collection hall

View of the balcony and the access garden in the backgound