Wednesday, February 17, 2010


James Wines - Shake Shack Bar at Madison Square Garden Park, New York NY, USA

"This small food kiosk is designed for the historic Madison Square Park in New York City. The concept responds to several important features of the surrounding community - the triangular shape of Daniel Burnham's Flatiron Building, the plan of the historic park, the profusion of vegetation, and the festive atmosphere that prevails during all seasons. The kiosk is designed to serve typical American hot dogs, hamburgers, milk shakes and other simple lunch items. A large shade trellis, overgrown with English ivy, covers an inclined roof and the entire back wall of the 500 sq. ft. building. The general intention of the design is to provide a food kiosk for Madison Square Park that becomes a miniature garden in itself"

Frontal view of the kiosk showing its exterior space and inclined green roof

View of the exterior space defined by a metal pergola

Lateral view