Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Thiago Bernardes + Paulo Jacobsen - FN House, Quinta da Baroneza SP, Brazil

"The architectural program was distributed in two perpendicular axes, defining the volumes that support the different functions. At the intersection of those volumes, the main access and the vertical circulation organize levels and the internal flow of activities. The first volume emerges from the landscape across from the site profile, supported by columns. The second is parallel to the horizon, creating a plateau where the recreation area is located" extracted from Bernardes Jacobsen´s report

/// click to SEE and DOWNLOAD the pdf / 06046 Bernardes + Jacobsen - FN House

Garage façade made of wooden panels, and entrance on right

Open corridor to the guest area

Corridor covered by a wooden pergola and glass roof. Service volume on right

Entrance staircase with the white service volume in the background

Northeast façade at night