Monday, April 12, 2010


Corporación Amereida - Chapel, Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque, V Region, Chile (1999)

Starting the selection of Amereida´s projects, linking with our previous post, an exterior chapel, that shows the relationship between this kind of architecture and its surroundings, natural and artificial contexts

"The core of the set is defined by the chapel, a meeting of axes which has just been changed configuration accommodating a new altar and a translucent membrane roof extended as a series of candles on the floor of bricks: naturally, this place is established as the ceremonial space of the cemetery. 
The first version had a chapel west direction, changing to a north facing. 
Due to its location, the cemetery is recognized only from near and above. El velamen de la capilla destaca sobre el follaje. The canopy of the chapel stands above the foliage. Its interior is such that from the bottom of stream is not possible to see the seabed.
The cemetery is evolving into a space where the solution and the ongoing construction expressing a dynamic state of disintegration and transformation." from:

/// click to SEE and DOWNLOAD the pdf / Corporación Amereida - Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque

View of the nave toward the altar

Transversal view of the exterior nave

View of the exterior chapel from the access

Exterior staircase