Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Corporación Amereida - Down and Sunset Palace (Palacio del Alba y el Ocaso), Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque, V Region, Chile (1982)

Find a text from Ciudad Abierta´s website, after clicking more images.

"Like other buildings at Ciudad Abierta, the project was expected to start as an open work, to be built in parts without prejudging its possible final configuration, but in a poetic act Godofredo Iommi featuring decides to terminate the palace.
Its name refers to the pivotal condition offers the appearance or disappearance of light condition worsens or dissolves the visible forms. Has a symmetry in its plant which reveals the equivalence of land-sea in two directions, east - west. The grooves are crossing their yards as evidence of this desire for water-related program. Subtle gaps between the walls separating the courtyards setting flexibility in the joints of the walls to the layout in general" from: http://www.amereida.cl/1982/palacio-del-alba-y-el-ocaso/

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