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Corporación Amereida - Music Hall (Sala de Música), Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque, V Region, Chile (1972)

"True to the spirit of the whole, this foundational work rejects the conventions of the resort (such as the primacy of the visual landscape) self-absorbed to create a meeting place around music. Result of the idea of giving priority to the creation of spaces for community rather than everyday places, above the inns. The room faces the relationship between music and space by manipulating the light, and is located in an area where the sound of the waves is still perceptible. 
It presents abroad as a white box unit, rectangular, edges firm, equipped with three access thresholds located at its vertices. Destaca nítidamente en el paisaje, estando entre las contadas piezas de la Ciudad Abierta. Clearly highlights the landscape, being among the few pieces of the Open City. Whose perception is manifested as a sharp close distance. 
Built entirely of wood, diagonal hatch texture, counterpoint format orthogonal recurrent works and pictures of their authors. Although the general forms are clear, certain edges without cutting the heads accept rectangular tables, thus causing broken profile joints. 
Once you cross the threshold, all those of equal status - have access to a warm interior, unitary, with subtle shades of wood without paint or coating, has a single light source, committed to a prism of glass, natural lighting device while skylight and patio, which occupies its center, thus establishing its leading element. Intended as a column of light, spread a light dimmed.
Armed with sash windows, this regulates the light, ventilation, acoustics and interior relations, all subject to his presence strongly. For location, the prism of light required to decide in each recital a choice about the relationship between musician and audience. A part of this element of good acoustics, the set of plans can be manipulated perimeter. Constructed with racks which have obverse face and complementary acoustic attributes of reflection and absorption, are suspended from rails so that it can rotate and slide to calibrate the acoustics by simple manual operations.
The lining of woven reeds, from the place, reveals an attitude to work the conception of a project above its material, getting a relevant result. 
It is built with the following materials: a wooden floor decking, a covered wooden structure and aluminum plates, wood partition walls covered with siding table.
The interior of the Music Room, its radical introversion and the emphasis of previous research lighting effect reminiscent of the group, for example Pajaritos, 1953 Chapel, Church of Santa Clara Cube 1969 and the study of inner surfaces in Eyquem Miguel 1960"

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North façade

View of the interior space

View of the interior space, showing the acoustic plan opened