Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Corporación Amereida - Outdoor Amphitheatre, Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque, V Region, Chile (2001)

Enjoy this selection of public spaces in Ciudad Abierta. See text and images clicking on the link below

"Place leisure and cultural recreation, this is configured as a vestibule or ante-church, which focuses both transverse and longitudinal paths. Along the stream develops a drainage channel with a section of 1.8 m2, which crosses the stage and leads the fall of water coming from the cemetery making a final trip up the ladder of the ravine. This space is occupied by example in the celebration of holidays as a stage for bands.
The theater classroom Godo cenotaph is a gently graded brick plaza, located within the creek that runs through the high end of the Open City. Its main feature is given by a tear in the floor, drawn by the flow of water running down the ravine. 
The water channel is protected on both sides by two rows of gabions. These gabions are cubic volumes of boulders, contained by wire mesh, 
At the end of the amphitheater is a narrow sector which is the entrance to the "natural" of the ravine, where the native forest" from: http://www.amereida.cl/2001/anfiteatro-al-aire-libre/

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Amphitheatre access from the chapel. In the background see the beginning of the staircase that will be shown in our next post

Way from the chapel to the amphitheatre