Thursday, May 6, 2010


Martin Hurtado Arquitectos - Fundo Izaro / Stable, Casablanca, V Region, Chile

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"The project involves the design of a land distribution masterplan, urbanization and location of various units of a new agricultural development in an abandoned field where everything was to be done.
This implied defining entrances, circulations, programme distributions, and a general construction order that would give coherence and unity to the whole territory, in such a way it could become a landscape.
This way, we confronted the discussion on actual rural chilean architecture and the possibility to establish bases for a constructive order that would be adequate to its climate and topography, taking in consideration the most restrictive condition which was the positioning of a series of constructions on sides and tops of hills. Concrete is decided as main material, given its versatility and noble austerity with no need of maintenance. On the other hand, it is chosen because it would require no foreign technologies to accomplish an architectural language that would be open to be completed as time passes.
A varied programme which involved a Porter’s House, Administrative services, Dresing and dinning rooms, machinery warehouse, resident personel’s houses, stables, irrigation installations, tailings, roads, paths, look-out spots, etc; These all form an ensemble of constructions that give order to the land.
All these constructions were pre-designed taking in consideration each site’s topography, climate conditions, view dominions, and each user and families that were to be involved on the everyday life that was going to take place there. The form of the buildings looked forward on constructing gestures on the landscape, without missing each particular case’s internal needs.
The materials used were those available at the local hardware store" from: Martin Hurtado Arquitectos studio

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View of the stables´ complex from east

View of the concrete trough

Trough and wooden buildings define a closed area for the stable

Lateral view

Little wooden pavilion at the stables area