Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Martin Hurtado Arquitectos - Fundo Izaro / Administration, Casablanca, V Region, Chile

The Administration building is a little complex surrounding a courtyard, using a similar language of the used in the worker´s houses. In this case the aim it seems to be in the concrete shape´s study, an interesting essay of plans and volumes.

/// click to SEE and DOWNLOAD the pdf / Martin Hurtado Arquitectos - Fundo Izaro

Lateral façade of the double-height concrete volume of the administration

View of the administration´s double-height office building

General view of the administration area

Concrete volumes and walls define a courtyard within the trees

Garage and entrance gate

View of the courtyard crossed by a light ceiling

Perspective of the gallery with the courtyard on right

Exterior covered space

Overall night view